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Delve into our garden shed of fun activities for the kids throughout the seasons. Explore things to do, games to play and recipes to bake. There's lots to do outdoors and indoors, come rain or shine

A family plant seeds in the garden

How to create your own 'scaremow'

Are you taking part in 'No Mow May' this year? Making a 'scaremow' for your garden is a fun way of getting your kids involved and spreading the word to your neighbours. You can construct yours with plant pots, old clothes and other things you might have lying around the house. Take a look at this video for inspiration.

Gardening activities

Children winding runner beans on bamboo supports in the garden at Kingston Lacy, Dorset.

Make a bamboo bean support

Using similar length bamboo canes, push them into the soil, at equal distances, creating a circle. Pinch the tips together and tie together with twine. Starting from the top, weave the twine under and over the canes until you reach the bottom. Plant some beans and they'll climb up the poles as they grow.

Mother and daughter in the garden picking peas

Plant some peas

Peas are another vegetable that you can begin to sow in May. You'll love watching them grow in the garden waiting till you can pop open a pod to reveal the little green peas inside. You'll find lots of delicious dishes that you can make with peas.

Create a secret garden

Bake it
Freshly baked sausage rolls on a lined baking tray

Sausage rolls 

These crisp and flaky sausage rolls are great to make with the family. They're the perfect snack for lunchboxes, after school snacking or weekend adventures in the garden or out and about. Plus, they can also be made ahead of time and cut into whatever finger-size bites you want.

Share the joy

Things to do

Get some inspiration for activities to do on your own or with family. You won't be short of things to do this spring.