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Delve into our garden shed of fun activities for the kids throughout the seasons. Explore things to do, games to play and recipes to bake. There's lots to do outdoors and indoors, come rain or shine

Two young girls playing on a swing in the garden
Children paddling in the River Wandle at Morden Hall Park, London

Top '50 things' to do in summer 

Watching the stars, making squelchy mud creations and paddling in a stream – discover all these simple summer pleasures and more with ‘50 things to do before you’re 11¾’.

How many coastal creatures can you spot?

Spot coastal creatures 

Have you ever wondered what lives in the sea? Take a trip to the coast to see what you can find. You might spot a mighty crab, slimy seaweed or a shy starfish. Dive into this spotter's guide and discover the wonders of coastal wildlife.


Bake it
Pea and mint scotch eggs

Pea and mint scotch eggs 

A twist on an old classic, these pea and mint scotch eggs make an ideal savoury snack that the whole family will love. A perfectly cooked egg encased in vibrant green peas and a crisp outer shell, these are great for lunch boxes or picnics.

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Get some inspiration for activities to do on your own or with family. You won't be short of things to do this spring.