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Explore our fun family-friendly ideas for things to do indoors and out in the garden or on a local walk. Make the most of your time with the kids

Half-term mischief and mayhem
Playing outside at Sutton House, London

Join in the Festival of Mischief 

Inspired by the history of mischief at Seaton Delaval Hall, we've created a Festival of Mischief to keep you and your family entertained. We've got top tips from comedians on putting on a family comedy show, dressing up, weird and wonderful objects, kitchen mayhem, and much more.

Challenges to try
Bake it
Make a pizza with a funny face

Make a party pizza  

Our chefs have come up with a delicious new pizza recipe. So why not cause some mayhem in the kitchen by having a go at making it? Add some extra vegetables to turn your pizza into a funny face. You could even look at images of the gargoyles at the places in our care for inspiration.

From the farm

It's lambing time at Wimpole

Meet our cute and cuddly new lambs at Wimpole Home Farm, Cambridgeshire. We’ll have hundreds to care for here in the next few weeks. They’re full of mischief and very hungry – just watch them guzzle their bottles of milk.

Make it

50 things activities to do at home

Young boy looking into a magnifying glass

Discover more ‘50 things' activities to try 

Get up close and personal with nature this spring by trying ‘50 things to do before you're 11¾’. Whether its making friends with a bug, helping a plant to grow or rolling down a big hill, there's loads you can do in your garden at home.

Things to do at home

Get some inspiration for activities to do on your own or with family. You won't be short of things to do at home or in the garden this spring.