Frensham's military use and returning it to nature

Frensham Little Pond in Surrey

There hasn't always been peace and quiet at Frensham Little Pond. If you'd visited during the Second World War, you'd have heard the noisy sound of tanks and you wouldn't have recognised the area.

Pond in disguise

During the Second World War (1940) the pond was drained by the British Government to prevent it from being used as a landmark by enemy aircraft.
The area was also used as a tank training ground, and we're lucky the cottage and tea hut (now the bird hide) are still here today. They were almost demolished by tanks and other assault weapons.

Reclaiming the pond

When Mr Atherton acquired Frensham Little Pond in 1949, the only water in the pond was a small stream running through the centre. The area was also filled with a jungle of bush, birch and pine trees.
Atherton cleared the forest of trees and shrubs and repaired the 13th-century dam. Unfortunately, the re-filling of the pond had to be repeated several times because of various leaks. The final filling took about six weeks.

Our pond today

Mr Atherton gave the pond to us in 1974 to protect it as a sanctuary for wildlife.
Today you can visit at any time of the year and immerse yourself in the wonderful nature around you.