Things to see and do at Frensham Little Pond

Frensham Little Pond dam

Frensham Little Pond and common is a sanctuary for both wildlife and people. It’s a great place to unwind and take life at a slower pace. Tranquil pond, wide skies and open views across prickly heathland – just waiting to be explored...

Walk along sandy footpaths

Half an hour or a whole day to spare? There’s a walk just for you... Our heathland is mainly flat and dry, ideal for families with kids in buggies and wheelchair users too. Hike to the Great Pond and beyond or enjoy a refreshing stroll around our Little Pond (around 45 minutes).

With your dog too

There’re lots of exciting paths for your dog to sniff and explore too but if you’re out on the heath, from March to the end of September, please protect our ground-nesting birds by keeping your hound under close control and out of the heather.

Don’t forget to use the doggy waste bins at the two main car parks.

... but please no swimming (dogs and humans)

Please don't swim at Fresham Little Pond. The pond is a designated SSSI as it has special wildlife habitats. The water quality isn't tested and there are no life guards to watch over people’s safety.

Please refrain from entering the water or letting your pets swim as there is a risk to humans and animals of being exposed to blue-green algae, or to the parasite which causes swimmer’s itch.

Admire the views

Venture up to Snowball Ridge (the ridge can be seen from the main car park) and admire the views across our sparkling pond. Or find your own special place and look out over our ever changing heathland - rusts and greens rolling into purple and mauves.

Uncover our wonderful nature

Take a moment to savour the sights, sounds and smells of nature. Wander through fragrant pine trees or listen to our tuneful birds. If you visit the pond just after the sun has gone down (May to September) you may be lucky to hear the churring, jarring song of the nightjar.

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Take up bird watching

Our pond is a perfect location to begin bird watching. The best spots are Snowball ridge, the bird sanctuary on the south side of the pond or the viewing platform near the café. Bring your binoculars, a comfy stool, a bird guide and see who’s around...

Or peek through our telescope In the bird hide, near our café.

Kids’ adventures

Dress in old clothes and go on an outdoor adventure - run, jump and explore. Fallen trees are great for balancing on and playing hide and seek. Pick up sticks and make a den or look out for mini beasts creeping nearby. Why not bring your fishing net and while away an hour or two pond dipping on the southern side of the pond? Little-ones can run and play on the pond’s sandy beaches.

Stop for a treat at our Tern café

When you’re out and about don’t forget to schedule in a break at our Tern café. Savour warming cups of tea and treat yourself to a light snack by our serene pond. It's a unique place to meet friends and family for a chat too...

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See our ancient dam

Look out for our ancient dam which was originally built in the 13th century to create a fish pond for the Bishop of Winchester. The dam was renovated in 2013 and ensures that the water stays in the pond for you and our wildlife to enjoy.

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Find out about the landscapes that await you at Frensham Little Pond... From shady woodland and sunny open heathland, to our serene pond.