Enjoy a Somerset tradition: New Year 2020

A view of Glastonbury Tor

Wassailing is an ancient custom that involves drinking cider, singing to the trees in the hope of a good harvest and scaring away any evil spirits that might be lurking.

A wassail is a celebration of the orchard: full of fun, song and cheer for all the family.

During the Galstonbury Tor wassial you can take a tour the Tor and learn of its mythical history, sing around the trees, hear stories by the fire and sample the juice of this year's crop. 

It's important to continue the tradition of wassailling in Somerset and we are always pleased to welcome the druids of Glastonbury, the town crier and our wonderful storytellers who will all be helping to bring the ceremony to life.

Sadly due to the current coronavirus pandemic, we are unable to hold a wassail to welcome in 2021.