Our work at Glastonbury Tor

Hedgelaying at Glastonbury Tor, Somerset

Find out how we look after the ancient site at Glastonbury Tor, preserving both its man-made structures and rare wildlife.

Conserving the tower

Conserving the tower is a vital part of our work at Glastonbury Tor, as we recognise the significance of the tower to so many. We're stabilising the work done in Victorian times, as the iron bars that were inserted into the stone are now beginning to rust.

Access for you

Over 300,000 people visit Glastonbury Tor each year. We make sure that access to the Tor is always possible. We've recently installed a pathway, which leads up the Tor, made up of concrete steps and a path. We'll renew the pathway every five years so it's always safe.

Delicious apples

From the top of the Tor see if you can pick out some of our beautiful apple orchards below. We harvest the apples in the autumn and turn them into delicious National Trust Somerset apple juice.

Large Blue butterfly

Our work with the Large Blue butterfly is one of our greatest achievements. A lot of very rewarding work goes into conserving the habitat of this beautiful butterfly.
Collard Hill, not far from Glastonbury, is one of the few places in the country where you can see this extremely rare creature.