Families and four-legged friends at Grange Barn

Dogs in Grange Barn

Want to get an idea of what there is to do and see with all the family at Grange Barn? We have some ideas here to help you along the way.

Despite its age, Grange Barn is a very tactile and resilient property, meaning that families and dogs need not worry about any historic carpets or ming vases! As a result, everyone is welcome and we encourage every visitor to get involved and exolore this fascinating historic structure.

Activities for all the family

Our ever-popular childrens trail always grabs the attention of children of varying ages- and many parents too! It encourages little explorers to delve deeper and engage with the barn, learning about how it was built and getting an idea of how amazing a building it actually is.

In addition, we have some alternative dressing up for any age to try. Our bees are cared for by our wonderful volunteer beekeepers, and the honey is sold for donations which all go back towards the care of the Barn. To celebrate this, we have a display about the importance of beekeeping, along with adult and child beekeeping costumes to try and get some fun selfies with!

Our hidden door excites explorers of any ages. Last year, upon moving some large interpretation, we discovered a door that no one knew was there. Our team set up a drawing book in front of the door, and we encourage everyone to write or draw what they believe hides behind it.... the more inventive the better, there are no wrong answers!

Dogs in Grange Barn

Unlike our sister property Paycocke's House, dogs are welcome all the way around Grange Barn (we ask that dogs remain in the garden at Paycocke's, unless they are an assistance dog). There is always a water bowl on hand for our four legged friends, and in the summer they love the cool and shady floors to cool off on!

Adjacent to Grange Barn there is a large area of grass, which you are welcome to walk you dog on. We would not recommend taking them off of the lead however, as this is also adjacent to the car park. There is also a dog bin at the top of the track to Grange Barn.

In need of blowing off some steam? We have a couple of circular walks below which are the perfect way to explore new places, whilst getting some fresh air in the countryside!

Gallows Street Coggeshall in Tudor times...

Paycocke's Tudor Coggeshall walk, near Colchester, Essex

Step back in time to the year 1512 and get a fascinating insight into Tudor life as you walk through Coggeshall.

Grange Barn

Grange Barn and Paycockes circular walk, Coggeshall, Essex

Step out on a walk from Grange Barn through the Essex countryside to another Trust property, Paycocke’s House. Walking along the River Blackwater, this three-mile circular walk takes you right back to where you started.