Ranger highlights for autumn at Heysham

Sunset from Heysham with views of the graves included

Make the most of autumn with our rangers' handy top tips of things to see and do.

  • Stand on the headland at Heysham and time it right to see the evening sunsets across Morecambe Bay. The sun slowly melts into the sea and the sky moves from blues to pinks to oranges.
  • Look out for the migrating birds as they leave us for hotter climates. The very last of the swifts, and swallows start to head south to find warmer places.
  • Watch the tides changing and the stormy weather bringing in crashing waves. Listen out for the 'peep' of the oystercatchers as they wait for the sea to uncover their worm-filled mud.
  • See the autumn colours change on the trees in Rectory Woods and if you're lucky you might catch a falling leaf.
Brent Geese
Brent Geese
Brent Geese
  • If you get the chance, stop and watch the geese as they fly overhead in their long lines or 'skeins'. They're on a long journey over land and sea to find lush, damp grass in Europe and have travelled from places like Greenland and Siberia. For some geese this might be the 30th time they've made this journey.
  • For the keen photographer peep through the doorway at St Patrick's chapel at dawn and catch the sunrise. You don't have to get up quite as early at this time of year!