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Two birds in the wild flowers at Trevose
Thorneythwaite farm in the Seathwaite valley, Cumbria

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We couldn’t do what we do without you. Your support helps us to save national icons like The White Cliffs of Dover, maintain our well-loved landscapes and provide safe homes for wildlife. It also ensures we can tell the stories of our places to future generations. Download our latest 'Inside the Trust' newsletter to learn how your donations have been helping over the last year.

Did you know?

  • It costs £3,000 each year to maintain 1 mile of coastline
  • We spent £35.7 million upkeeping the countryside in 2017-18
  • We plan to create 25,000 hectares (61,776 acres) of new habitats by 2025
Recent success stories
A place isn’t just a place. It’s part of you.

Philip's lasting legacy to Cumbria 

Some places mean so much that they become a part of you. When you’ve played, picnicked, fallen in love or watched your children grow up somewhere, that place can be found forever in your heart. Philip Crossley-Dawson recalls his treasured memories of Arnside Knott in Cumbria and why he wanted to remember this special place in his will.

" Exmoor won my heart as a schoolgirl. It continues to be my special place. Making a donation and spending time working in this breathtaking landscape have made it even more special. With the help of the National Trust, I hope it will be special for ever, for everyone. "

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A gift in your will, or a monthly donation are just a few of the many ways that you can protect places that matter to you