Fishing on the Cornish coast

Sea angler

Fred - Sea angler

There is an old angling saying that goes: ‘There is more to fishing than catching fish’ and this is certainly true in the places I go.

A man is fishing from the rocks on the South Cornwall coast

We clambered down the rocks to ask local fisherman, Fred, why he loves to do a spot of sea fishing.

I do most of my fishing on the south coast of Cornwall in an area between Fowey and Lansallos. The views from Pencarrow Head looking up the coast over Lantivet Bay and on into Devon, or down the coast to The Lizard, are worth the trip alone. 

There is always so much to see, whether it’s the numerous types of boats and ships or the various wildlife. To watch gannets diving is always a pleasure but so is hearing and watching a peregrine falcon, seeing a seal (or two) and the occasional school of porpoises, plus many other insects and birds. All this, and I have not put a line in the water.

So what to fish for?  The list includes: bass, mackerel, pollock, wrasse, conger, bream, and mullet, and you can use different methods: lure, float, or ledgers on the bottom.  On a summer evening, with the sound of waves on the rocks, and my lifelong passion for fishing, there is nowhere I would rather be, and each visit stays with you.

Hoping for a good catch
A man is fishing from the rocks on the South Cornwall coast