Mountain biking in Leigh Woods

Mountain biking, Leigh Woods

Our purpose built mountain biking trail weaves its way through the protected broadleaf woodland of Leigh Woods. Please remember to stick to the paths.

The Yer Tiz trail

This purpose built mountain biking trail weaves its way through the diverse broadleaf woodland of Leigh Woods on the plateau above the Avon Gorge, and is our most popular option for cyclists.

This mostly blue route is a great place to start learning to ride on single tracks and to hone technical skills. It's suitable for relative novices but does require a mountain bike.

There are red route options along the way and a skills loop to tackle too. If you're up for a challenge, the trail splits giving you the option of following the more difficult red grade Gert Lush trail.

Bikes are a great way to explore Leigh Woods but please help us protect this fragile space by sticking to the paths
Cyclists on a trail at Leigh Woods

Please stick to the paths 

Leigh Woods supports an exceptional number of nationally rare species of plants, insects, fungi and animals. In recognition of this, the site is a National Nature Reserve, part of the Avon Gorge Site of Special Scientific Interest and a Special Area of Conservation.

It is very important to stick to the mountain bike trail and not forge your own path through the woods.

Thank you for helping us look after this special place.

Explore Leigh Woods by bike for an exhilarating or relaxing visit - depending on how adventurous you're feeling!
A close-up view of a couple cycling on a sunny day

Preparing for your visit

Why not get ahead of the curve by planning your route in advance?

You can download our cycle trail map here:

Cycling at Leigh Woods

Leigh Woods mountain bike trail map

You can find more information on the different cycle trail options at Leigh Woods on our cycle trail map.