The Avon Gorge in Medieval mythology

The Avon Gorge showing the Clifton suspension bridge and balloons

The formation of the Avon Gorge is the subject of medieval mythology. The myths tell tales of two giant brothers, Goram and Vincent, who constructed the gorge.

Sleepy giant
One variation holds that Vincent and Goram were constructing the gorge together and Goram fell asleep, only to be accidentally killed by Vincent's pickaxe.

Winning the affection of Avona
Another variation tells of the brothers falling for Avona, a girl from Wiltshire. She instructed the giants to drain a lake that stretches from Rownham Hill to Bradford-on-Avon (i.e. the Avon valley).

Goram began digging the nearby Hazel Brook Gorge in Blaise Castle estate, but consumed too much beer and fell asleep. Vincent dug the Avon Gorge and drained the lake, winning the affection of Avona.

Upon waking, Goram stamped his foot - creating 'The Giant's Footprint' in the Blaise Castle estate - and threw himself into the Bristol Channel, turning to stone and leaving his head and shoulder above water as the islands of Flat Holm and Steep Holm.