A few ideas for this summer

There are family trails to follow and plenty of wide open spaces to create your own fun this summer. Why not bring a picnic and simply relax in the open air

Children looking for bugs

Summer of play 

Once school's out for Summer and the holidays begin we have something going on every day at Avebury for your little adventurers. They can take part in an archaeology afternoon or curate their own museum, they can get involved in 50 things Friday and children's yoga or get competitive with Avebury sports days.

Children playing in daffodils in spring

Family fun at Stourhead

We’ve got plenty to keep the kids, and whole family entertained on your next visit.

Daisy chains summer John Millar

Summer days at Lacock Abbey

As the world comes out to play in August, there’s something about the warm breeze that makes the smell of cut grass and seasonal herbs all that more exciting. Find out what else is happening this summer holiday.