Best 50 things activities for adventurers

If you're a brave adventurer then these challenges should be right up your street. From tree climbing to den building via stone skimming and kite flying we've got heaps of activities to keep you busy outdoors.

Three children in a tree

No.1 climb a tree 

There's no better spot to see what lives in a wood than from the top of a tree, so get your sturdy shoes on and start climbing!

Girl rolling down a grassy hill

No.2 roll down a really big hill

Rolling down a hill is a seriously fun way to spend some time. All you need is you (obviously) and a hill and you're away. The bigger and steeper the hill the faster you'll go - so watch out for obstacles like rocks or even animals!

Campers pitch their tent

No.3 camp out in the wild

Your back garden might not seem that wild but it's a great place to pitch a tent and keep an eye out for animals. Fall asleep to the tune of bats and owls as they go about their night activities.

Children den building

No.4 build a den

Collect some snapping branches and crunchy leaves and start building your hideaway in the heart of nature. Who knows which inquisitive animals may pop by for a visit!

Boy standing on sea edge about to skim a stone

No.5 skim a stone

How many bounces can you do? Flat, smooth stones are the best for skimming, and there are plenty to be found on our beaches. Why not challenge your family and friends to a competition?

Children walking in the rain

No.6 run around in the rain

All you'll need for this challenge is a rainy day and yourself! Running around in the rain might seem crazy when you start, but you'll soon be splishing and splashing around like a fish.

Boy flying a kite at Sheffield Park East Sussex

No.7 fly a kite

If there's a little bit of wind then it's kite flying weather - feel it pull away from you into the sky. Can you keep it in the air and not get the string tangled? It takes skill to be a champion kite flyer.

Boy holding a net up in the air with a starfish in it

No.8 catch a fish with a net

Go on an adventure to the sea and find an underwater world that’s teeming with wildlife. You might find pollock hiding amongst the rocks and shallow waters or gobies, fivebeard rocklings and blennies lurking in a rock pool. Remember to put any fish back quickly once you’ve had a look, and don't ever leave them in a bucket in the sun. Some fish like weaver fish and spiny fish can be poisonous too.

Girl taking apple from a tree

No.9 eat an apple straight from the tree

Crunchy, fresh from the tree apples are incredible to eat. Just make sure you've picked a tree with eating apples, rather than cooking apples, which aren't nice to eat at all.

Boy putting conkers into a jar

No.10 play conkers 

Playing conkers is a great way to spend an autumn afternoon. There's definitely a skill to it, so apart from choosing the best conker, we've also got some other tips for success.