Family activities for outdoor adventures

There are lots of different ways to take in the sights and sounds of nature. You can collect natural materials, use a spotter's guide to identify wildlife or immerse yourself in the colours, noises and textures of the world around you.

Here are some fun family activities that will make your visits to the places in our care even more special.

These activities have been designed with your safety in mind. They can be carried out in your local area or National Trust place. Please take part responsibly and follow government guidelines on social distancing.  

See how many trees you can identify with this spotter's sheet

Woodland wander leaf spotter sheet 

Connect to nature on your woodland wander when you identify different types of trees using this leaf spotter sheet. This guide was created by our brand licensee, children’s clothing brand, Frugi in celebration of our new Woodland Wanders collection.

Ways to connect to nature

Ways to have a mini-adventure 

From collecting fallen petals, feathers and leaves to feeling lots of different textures, there are lots of ways to have a mini-adventure in nature. This activity sheet will show you how to create a journey stick with the things you find on your walk. You could also have a go at leaf rubbing and writing a nature diary.

Discover garden wildlife

Spot garden wildlife  

Gardens are vibrant with colour and buzzing with life during the summer months. If you look carefully, you'll see bees hovering around flower heads, birds perching on fences and daisies lapping up the sunshine, plus much more. Use this spotter's guide to discover garden wildlife.

How many coastal creatures can you spot?

Spot coastal creatures 

Have you ever wondered what lives in the sea? If you visit the coast then you might spot a mighty crab, slimy seaweed or a shy starfish. Dive into this spotter's guide and discover the wonders of coastal wildlife.

Go on a woodland adventure

Spot woodland wildlife 

Woodlands are magical places full of fascinating wildlife. If you're on a woodland adventure look up, look down and all around. Squirrels, blackbirds, slugs and woodpeckers are just some of the creatures you might spot. Use this guide to identify what you see.

How many butterflies can you spot?

Spot butterflies  

Butterfly spotting takes a little bit of patience, so take your time. If you're very still and are careful not to cast a shadow over the butterflies you see you'll be in with a chance of getting close to these winged beauties. Use this spotter's guide to identify the butterflies you see.

How many wild flowers can you spot?

How to spot wild flowers 

During the summer wild flowers bring vibrant colour to meadows, grasslands and verges. Not only are these flowers beautiful to look at they also support bees, butterflies and other pollinators. We've created this guide to help you identify the flowers you see when you're out enjoying the countryside this summer.

Have a chat with nature

Have a chat with nature  

Rustling leaves, splashing puddles, the dawn chorus and buzzing insects. You might be surprised at how noisy the natural world is. Why not make your very own chatterbox and tune in to nature's voice?

Have a game of bingo with the sounds of nature

Play 'Sounds of nature' bingo 

We’ve put together a 'sounds of nature' bingo for you to play on your own or with friends and relatives. You can play it at home, in your local park or on a day out to one of the special places in our care. We've created a downloadable scorecard so you can tick off all the sounds of summer that you hear.

The small moments of joy in nature guide

Enjoy small moments of joy in nature 

You can experience the joy of the natural world around you in many different ways. Follow our guide and use all your senses to connect to nature and wildlife.

activities for kids weekend challenge

Early bird or night owl? 

There are lots of animals that love early mornings, and others who prefer to come out when the sun's setting beyond the horizon. Save this sheet on your phone or print it out and see how many you can spot in your garden, local area or at one of the places in our care.

Have fun exploring summer colour

Collect the colours of summer 

Can you find objects that match the colours on our colour wheel? From green moss on the bark of a tree to a bright yellow buttercup, there are dazzling colours all around you, if you look for them. If you find something colourful that can't be brought home then why not take a picture instead?

Autum adventures

Autumn adventures: Part one 

Fancy having an autumn adventure? We're bringing you a three-part adventure series to inspire you with activities throughout the season. This first downloadable activity pack includes autumn colours and textures to spot on your days out, creative trails, ideas for journey sticks and a creative story writing activity.

Autumn adventures 2

Autumn adventures: Part two 

This second downloadable activity pack for autumn includes sensory journeys, instructions on how to build a home for wildlife and facts about different bits and bobs you can find in nature during autumn.

Autumn adventures web tile

Autumn adventures: Part three 

This third downloadable activity pack for autumn includes fun facts about Halloween folklore, inspiration for your own spooky story and arty things to do like designing your own Jack-o’-lantern and creating an autumn collage with natural objects.


Capture nature with photography and film

Hide out and set up the perfect shot to capture the action of the natural world around you. Perhaps you'll catch the moment just as a bird takes off or lands or a butterfly resting in the sun. Watch this video for tips and tricks on how to create an exciting nature documentary or take a knockout picture.

Book your visit with us
Visitors walking beside the river at Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Garden, North Yorkshire

How to book your visit and what to expect 

In England and Northern Ireland, our gardens, parks and countryside remain open for local people to exercise. Shops, houses and other indoor areas are closed, and cafes are takeaway only. The safety of our staff, volunteers and visitors from the nearby community remains our priority and we urge you to book your visits in advance and stay local. All places in Wales are currently closed. Please check the property webpage before you travel.

Continue the fun at home
Tea cup bird feeder

How to guides 

The fun doesn't have to stop when your visit comes to an end. There are lots of ways you can stay connected to us at home. From family-friendly bakes to making a bird feeder, we've got a variety of fun activities you can try.