Fun things to do with a humble stick

It’s arguably the best toy known to man. No, we’re not talking about the latest gadget. We’re talking about sticks. Take a look at the top six of our '50 things to do before you're 11¾' involving having fun with sticks.

Children making mud pies at Keswick Mountain Festival, Cumbria

No. 13 make a mud creation 

The great thing about mud is that you can find it anywhere, and some National Trust places have huge quantities of it just waiting to be made into gooey creations.

Visitors play pooh sticks

No. 19 play pooh sticks 

More exciting than horse racing, more civilised than football, pooh sticks is the perfect game for a summer's afternoon by the river.

A group of people toast marshmallows on a campfire at Coleton Fishacre, South Devon

No. 47 cook on a camp fire 

Food cooked over a campfire always seems to taste better than normal. You can cook anything from toasted marshmallows, to fried bacon and eggs

A group of teenagers dam the river at Wasdale, Cumbria

No. 14 dam a stream 

Adventure no. 14 on our list of '50 things to do before you're 11¾' is dam a stream. What could be better on a warm day than getting into the stream and trying to dam it?

Two children build a den at Killerton, Devon

No. 4 build a den 

Build a den out of sticks on a flat spot in the woods, cover it with leaves, and you've got a pirate hideout or a meeting place for spies. There are loads of National Trust places with perfect spots for den building.

A blonde-haired girl plays with mossy sticks at Blenheim Palace

No. 12 have fun with sticks 

There are so many ways that you can have fun with sticks, we can’t begin to list them all here. Check out our favourite things you can do.