Halloween events for grown-ups

Are you afraid of the dark? With all the ghostly goings on at the places we look after, you probably should be. We've got plenty of Halloween events for adults including supernatural tours by torchlight, immersive gothic horrors and grisly murder mysteries to solve. Bring your friends. You won’t want to come alone. Here’s a taster of what’s lurking in the shadows.

Ghostly goings-on

Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshire 

Ghost Tours
26 October 2018

Baddesley Clinton has seen much trouble since it was built. Legend says that Nicholas Broome, who had inherited the house in 1483, killed a local man in the parlour, and just over 100 years later the house was used as a hiding place for Catholic priests. It’s said that their ghosts still roam the halls, and that if you listen you can hear their footsteps echoing. Feeling brave? Join us after hours for a candlelit tour, and see if you encounter anything supernatural.

Newton House at Dinefwr, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, Wales

Dinefwr, Carmarthenshire 

Newton House After Dark
26, 27 & 31 October 2018

Dinefwr’s history is riddled with spooky stories and tragic tales - in fact it’s known as our most haunted property in Wales. Many people have had strange experiences as they wander Newton House, often catching the smell of pipe or cigar smoke in the butler’s pantry. This Halloween, join a torchlight tour of the house to discover the history and hauntings for yourself.

White Lady waterfall

Lydford Gorge, Devon 

Torchlit walk
26 October 2018

There’s nothing like an after-dark adventure to celebrate Halloween, especially when you can explore a deep and mysterious gorge. Light your way down to Whitelady Waterfall with a flaming torch, and experience enchanting music as the night descends. Afterwards, head back to warm up with a hot chocolate and toast marshmallows over the fire.

Mount Stewart House

Mount Stewart, County Down 

Murder Mystery
26 & 27 October 2018

This Halloween, head to Mount Stewart for a night of murder and intrigue – plus a healthy dose of glamour. After an aperitif in the Entrance Hall, you can explore the house and meet the suspects, before tucking in to a hot fork supper buffet while you deliberating over the evidence. Will you be able to work out who the murder is before they are revealed?

May dawn mist morning

Oxburgh Hall, Norfolk 

Oxburgh by Candlelight
26 & 27 October 2018

Escape the hustle and bustle of a modern day Halloween, and join us for a candlelit tour of Oxburgh Hall after dark. You’ll discover the history of All Hallows Eve, and how the Victorians would have marked the occasion.

Colourful skies over the North Range of Speke Hall

Speke Hall, Liverpool 

Spooky Speke
17 & 24 October, 7 November 2018

Winter is coming and the dark nights are closing in – perfect for exploring the mysterious side of Speke Hall. Enjoy a hearty winter meal and sweet treat, followed by a torchlight tour of the hall to discover the tales of its previous inhabitants. You’ll need to prepare for a scare though, as the Lady in Black returns to haunt her former home…

Tattershall Castle sunset

Tattershall Castle, Lincolshire 

Ghost Tours
26 October 2018

Like all good castles, Tattershall comes with its fair share of ghost stories. Are you brave enough to venture inside after night has fallen to discover them for yourself? This is the perfect opportunity to explore the castle in a new light – just keep an eye out for pale apparitions and strange, unearthly sounds...

Autumn sunrise over Wimpole Hall

Wimpole Hall, Cambridgeshire 

Wimpole Murder Mystery
12 & 13 October 2018

The Wimpole Murder Mystery is back for another Halloween, and you’re invited to come and solve the puzzle. This year the story is themed around the 100th anniversary of the granting of partial female suffrage. It’s 1918, a general election is looming and passions are running high at the prospect of a woman standing for parliament – but could that really lead someone to murder? Take the chance to explore Wimpole Hall after dark and enjoy a delicious three course meal while you exercise your brain cells.