Long walks in the East of England

Getting outside and spending time with nature is good for the soul and a walk in the fresh air can do wonders for the body and mind. So, lace up those walking boots with one of our longer walks of 4 miles or more around East Anglia.

Step into spring

" A walk can really lift your spirits. The excitement of spotting a recently emerged orange tip butterfly or the wonderment of looking over the parkland decorated in a sea of buttercups."
- Malcolm Fisher, Sheringham Park

Summer strolls

Autumn adventures

" Every season has something to offer, especially at dawn and dusk when the sun turns the landscape into a piece of art."
- Callum Weir, Wimpole Estate
Great walks for winter
Walking in a snowy valley at Sheringham Park

Woodland and Coastal Walk, Sheringham Park 

Blow the cobwebs away on this wonderfully varied 7 mile walk at Sheringham Park in Norfolk, through parkland, fields, woods, and along the coast. Savour the views from the tree-top gazebo and along the cliff edge. We'd also recommend a visit to Weybourne Station and Repton’s Temple along the way.

Walks to enjoy anytime

Lamb on the hillside at Dunstable Downs

Walk in the Steps of History, Dunstable Downs 

This 4.5 mile walk will take you along the top of the chalk hills at Dunstable Downs in Bedfordshire and down past Neolithic burial mounds before heading back up through our ancient sunken tracks. If you come along in spring or summer, you might even see some of our wonderful and rare orchids.