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The National Trust Heritage Records Online website is the easy way to discover more about the archaeology we care for. From buried remains to medieval buildings and industrial landscapes here are just some of the highlights from the Midlands.

Roman cistern discovered at the Weir gardens, Herefordshire

Roman remains, The Weir, Herefordshire 

Riverside Roman remains, originally thought to be a villa or shrine complex but now interpreted as a bath house site.

A pair of Bronze Age beakers found at Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire

Bronze Age beakers, Clumber Park, Nottingham 

A chance discovery of two Bronze Age beakers, found near the lake, provide a glimpse into the long-lost prehistoric landscape of the area.

Deserted medieval village  at Gunby

Deserted medieval village, Gunby Hall, Lincolnshire 

This deserted medieval village survives as earthworks to the south of the main house. The village was abandoned many years before finally being demolished probably at the time of building the present Hall in 1700.

Abandoned brickyard in the woods at Calke Abbey, Derbyshire

Industrial lime and brick kilns, Calke Abbey, Derbyshire 

The remains of the lime and brick yards that survive within the woods provide a unique insight into the industrial landscape of the estate.

Spectacular hill fort at Croft Ambrey, Herefordshire

Croft Ambrey Hillfort, Croft Castle, Herefordshire 

Within the parkland survives an Iron Age hillfort. The earthworks have been extensively excavated and have revealed both prehistoric and later Roman archaeology.

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