Moderate walks in the East of England

Wanting to stretch your legs further than a gentle stroll, but not looking for a lengthy ramble? Enjoy walking through woodland, open countryside and along the coast, with our list of moderate walks of up to 4 miles, as we reveal 125 miles of walks you might like to try in our 125th anniversary year.

Walking with us

There may be restrictions in place on some of these walks. Please make sure you check web pages for individual places before you travel, to see if you need to book ahead and to find out the latest information about visiting. Our walking trails can be popular, so remember to maintain social distancing on your walk.

Step into spring

" Spring walks are really special. Lambs are gambolling in the park, miles of hedges and margins are flowering, birds are singing and crops are growing."
- Callum Weir, Wimpole Estate

Summer strolls

Autumn adventures

" I love spending time in the great outdoors, and naturally Millie my dog does too. It is wonderful to be able to combine my love of walking, with my love of history, it's great for keeping us both in shape."
- David Semaine, Sutton Hoo
Great walks for winter
Snowdrops at Ickworth

The Albana Walk, Ickworth 

A relaxing 2.5 mile walk through ancient woodland, the Albana Walk at Ickworth in Suffolk was historically created to be suitable for ladies with long dresses. Look out for the 500 year old oak tree, one of the oldest on the estate, as well as carpets of snowdrops towards the end of winter.

Walks to enjoy anytime