Nature & wildlife position statements

Here you can find our thoughts on issues relating to wildlife and nature.

Parc Farm, Great Orme, North Wales

Our position on trail hunting 

We recognise that trail hunting is an issue that polarises people's opinions and provokes strong reactions.

View of the countryside

Our position on shooting 

We protect and care for places so people and nature can thrive.

A badger on the cliff edge of the Pentire Farm estate on the Rumps Peninsula, North Cornwall

Our view on badgers and bovine TB 

The culling of badgers is not taking place on National Trust land. As a major landowner with many farming tenants, we understand how devastating an outbreak of bovine TB can be.


Our position on foraging for wild food 

The National Trust supports the use of most of its places for foraging for abundant species of wild food; however, our position may be revised in line with future developments due to the ever-changing nature of this area.

Barbastelle bat (Barbastella barbastellus)

Our view on biodiversity offsetting 

We believe biodiversity offsetting, done properly, could help avoid the net loss of biodiversity so often brought about by development, and should be designed to deliver net gains for wildlife.