Our 50 things stories

Remember the first time you skimmed a stone or climbed a tree? Introducing children to '50 things to do before you’re 11¾' doesn’t just encourage their love of nature, it’s a way for you to revisit it too. Our staff and volunteers share stories of their '50 things' experiences, both old and new.

Kate Jones, Ranger

50 ways to inspire and engage 

From growing up on a farm, to working in a city, then back to her first love of being outdoors in nature. Kate Jones explains why she believes engaging children gives them an interest they’ll never lose.

Children's messages

50 things are just the start 

We discover what makes Brian Langley such a huge fan of nature and the great outdoors, and why he believes all children naturally want to be outside.

Heidi and family

We love 50 things 

We caught up with one of our 50 things enthusiasts, Heidi Medland. She loves to share the freedom and excitement of being outdoors at every opportunity.