Second-hand bookshops in the Midlands

To help raise funds to support our conservation work many of the places we look after have second-hand bookshops. So you can help us generate money to keep places special, recycle pre-owned books and grab yourself a bargain all at the same time.

The interior of the second-hand bookshop at Croft Castle in Herefordshire

Discover books at Croft Castle 

Grab a gripping read from our second-hand bookshop.

Volunteer prepares for book talk in the library at Charlecote

Books in the stables at Charlecote 

Funds raised in our second-hand bookshop stay at Charlecote and help pay for important conservation work on the precious books in our library.

A pile of old books

The bookshop at Berrington 

Explore new worlds and find yourself a new hobbie all within our Second Hand Bookshop

A Blind date with a book

The bookshop at Upton House 

You won’t be able to resist a browse of our second-hand books. Whether it's a paperback novel or a collector's item you'll find something to grab your attention.

Entrance to our second hand bookshop

Brockhampton's bookshop 

Snap up a secondhand book bargain at Brockhampton.

Discover pre-loved books at Moseley Old Hall

Moseley Old Hall's bookshop 

Discover our second-hand bookshop at Moseley Old Hall.

Books on display in a second hand bookshop

Second-hand books at Sunnycroft 

Rediscover a good read or an old favorite.

Croome's second-hand bookshop

Second-hand books at Croome 

Croome’s second-hand bookshop is a great spot to pick up a bargain and help support our conservation work.

The interior of the Brewhouse Bookshop

Canons Ashby's Brewhouse bookshop 

From science fiction to gardening books, from cross stitch instructions to murder mysteries, there are plenty of second hand books to browse in our cosy Brewhouse Bookshop.

Rows of books in the bookshop at Baddesley

Baddesley's bookshop 

Our bookshop is packed full of books. Pop by and browse through our collection of second-hand books at bargain prices.

Bookshop at Clumber Park

Lose yourself in the Bookshop at Clumber Park 

Step away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy some peace and tranquility in our second hand book shop. Open daily from 11am till 3pm, it’s the perfect addition your adventure.

A stack of old books 

Books at Mr Straw's House 

We've opened our very own second-hand bookshop at Mr Straw's House. You never know what you may find hidden on the shelves.

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Lots of stories to explore at Dudmaston 

Re-discover an old favourite or fall in love with a brand new title. The bookshop at Dudmaston has something for everyone.


Coughton's stables bookshop 

Browse through our collection of second-hand books at bargain prices in the old stables.

Books on display in a second hand bookshop

The bookshop at Greyfriars 

Sink into a good read from our second-hand bookshop