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Small Wonder gifts make a big difference

National Trust Bumblebees Small Wonder gift
Bumblebees Small Wonder | © National Trust

Do you know someone who’s passionate about puffins, crazy about the coast or smitten with squirrels? Small Wonders make the perfect gift for that special person who cares about nature and loves to explore the great outdoors.

Small Wonder gifts

With every Small Wonder gift you give, you’ll be helping to look after the precious wildlife, gardens and miles of coastline in our care. The money you spend goes directly towards the National Trust’s work to protect the places you love.

Choose from nine different Small Wonders, each with its own collectable pin badge. You can donate to wildlife conservation, care for the coast or keep the gardens you love growing.

What's included in your Small Wonder gift?

Inside your Small Wonder gift pack, you'll find:

  • One of nine high-quality pin badges to collect
  • Information about how your gift donation will be spent
  • Space for a personal message

Have you already received a Small Wonder? Find out how your donation is helping to make a big difference for nature.

How you're helping wildlife

Red squirrel
Our native red squirrel is under threat from disease, loss of woodland and from the non-native grey squirrel. We're helping to make welcoming homes for red squirrels to thrive.Our work to care for red squirrels
Dormice are endangered creatures that need our help. We're installing nesting boxes at places in our care to give dormice somewhere to snore through winter and breed in spring.Our work to care for dormice
Long-eared bat
There are 18 species of bat in the UK, and all of these can be found at some of the places in our care. We work with others to give bats safe places to roost, feed and fly.Our work to care for bats
Walking the South West Coast Path at East Soar, South Devon
Walking the South West Coast Path at East Soar | © National Trust Images/Trevor Ray Hart

How you're helping the coast

Keeping the coast open
We look after 780 miles of coastline in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We care for coastal paths throughout the year, so you can enjoy those amazing sea views, secret beaches and historic seaside spots.Our work caring for coastal footpaths
Protecting puffins
Puffins always look as though they’re polished for a black-tie event, but they're actually vulnerable creatures. We look after their home on the Farne Islands and count them each year to make sure they're happy and healthy.Counting puffins on the coast
Making meadows
Wildflower habitats are magnificent homes for wildlife on the coast. But more than 97 per cent of the UK's wildflower meadows have been lost. We're creating new meadows and looking after the ones we have to help reverse this trend.Our hay meadow conservation work
A close up image of a pink rose with two other blooms in the background
Pink rose at Anglesey Abbey Cambridgeshire | © National Trust Images/Ray Dale

How you're helping gardens

Garden restoration
We look after 173 gardens of special historic interest. Behind the scenes, our experts provide the specialist conservation skills needed for the long-term future of these spaces.Discover how our gardens grow
Abuzz with bees
We're taking action to boost bee numbers by installing hives in the flower-rich gardens and countryside in our care. We're also using greener gardening techniques to keep bees healthy.Learn how we're bee friendly
National Trust Puffins Small Wonder gift

Choose your Small Wonder

A Small Wonder gift is the perfect present for a special occasion and helps look after the places you love.

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