Join in the 50 things summer fun

Enjoy a memorable family day out with us this summer. Join in with family-friendly events, plot your own adventures and see how many of our 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ challenges you can complete.

Child enjoying climbing a tree

Climb a tree 

We look after some of the oldest, most important, varied trees in the country. Some of them are too precious to clamber up, others can’t wait for you to climb them. Discover our top places to scale nature's climbing frames.

Girl and parents playing in the mud pie kitchen in the gardens at East Riddlesden Hall, West Yorkshire

Make a mud pie 

The great thing about mud is that you can find it anywhere, and some of our places have huge quantities of it just waiting to be made into mud pies.

Children planting seeds in flower pots, Mottisfont, Hampshire.

Plant it, grow it, eat it 

This is a challenge that'll take a bit of time. You definitely can't complete it in a day, or even two, as fruit and veg take time to grow, but it's definitely worth the wait. Follow our tips for success and you'll have green fingers in no time.

Children building den

No.4 build a den 

Build the best den ever with our tips and tricks. You can also come along to one of our special den building events to get even more hands-on.

A girl makes a daisy chain in spring

Make a daisy chain 

Making a daisy chain is a perfect summer activity when the sun is shining. All you need is a patch of grass with daisies and you're ready to start your daisy chain.


Go stargazing 

The big, open skies of the countryside let you see thousands of stars sparkling at night. Take a look at our top spots for stargazing.

Girl with a frog in her hand

Hold a scary beast 

Would you hold a spider? How about a frog? A woodlouse? Different creatures can seem scary for lots of different reasons, and while some people are scared, others won't be. Whatever seems scary to you now, once you've held it, you'll be feeling incredibly brave.

Pallets and pipes stacked up to create bug hotel

Make a home for a wild animal 

All sorts of animals need homes and most choose to build very different ones. If you're going to build one for an animal you'll have to think about what they need and want from a home and why.

Kayaking in the sea off Middle Beach, Studland, Dorset

Canoe down a river 

There are lots of options for kayaking and canoeing at our places across the UK. In some places, you can hire the boats and all the kit you'll need or join a group. In other places, you can take off on your own adventure. Here's our guide to top spots and what they offer.