Summer views in Dorset

Dorset is home to some high hills and hill forts. They're great for getting some peace and tranquility, a cracking view and a perfect photo opportunity.

 a far reaching view across green countryside from the ramparts of Eggardon Hill

Eggardon Hill

This hill fort is about 2,500 years old, but originally there were two Bronze Age burial mounds on the summit. It's also an old smuggling spot - in the 18th century, Isaac Gulliver took advantage of the hill's commanding position and created a small plantation of trees to act as a landmark for his ships and help guide them to the coast.

The top of Hambledon Hill with a pink tinged sky behind

Hambledon Hill

Hambledon Hill's human history predates Stonehenge. It is considered one of Britain's earliest prehistoric settlements. Explore the ramparts, ditches and terraces and you'll be retracing the footsteps of people who lived, feasted, fought and were buried on this extraordinary site.

Stormy skies over the Blackmore Vale from Melbury Hill, Melbury Down

Fontmell and Melbury Downs

Open expanses of flowery downland and far-reaching views

Looking down on the naked chalk figure of the Cerne Giant on the grassy hill

Cerne Giant

Ancient naked figure sculpted into the chalk hillside above Cerne Abbas

A view across the ancient ramparts

Hod Hill

Dorset's largest hill fort renowned for its downland wildlife

A clearing in the woodland at Lewesdon Hill

Lewesdon Hill

The highest point in Dorset with views between the trees over Devon, Somerset and out to sea