Things to do with the kids in the South East

Firmly placing hand, then foot, then hand, then foot, on branch after branch, peering through the canopy, peeking down through the leaves - do you remember the thrill of it as a child? Or skidding down the grass, throwing yourself down the hill, seeing sky following earth as you roll and roll... Such simple pleasures are among the activities you can get stuck into with the kids at our places across the South East this summer.

Our top picks

Families having fun on the plats

Ham House and Garden, London 

The sweet smell of lavender fills the Cherry Garden and the Kitchen Garden brims with tasty produce as summer arrives at Ham House and Garden. Recline in sunshine in the fountain garden and enjoy the gentle sounds of buzzing and birdsong or roll out a blanket and tuck in to a picnic on the Plats. If you're coming with the kids, download our butterfly bingo spotter sheet and see how many you can spot together during your visit

A flock of birds flying over the lake on a frosty winter morning at Sheffield Park, East Sussex

Sheffield Park and Garden, East Sussex

This August find new ways to enjoy the great outdoors at Sheffield Park. The trail in the garden will help you discover the perfect place to get up close to nature, take a photo from a new perspective, or find a quiet spot to relax with a family game.

Enjoy the summer holidays as a family

Family on a winter trail in the garden

Family activities for outdoor adventures 

We've got lots of fun activities to try on your next family adventure. Discover wildlife at the places in our care using our handy spotter guides or have a go at activities inspired by the colours and sounds of nature.

Toddler enjoying a sunny spring day

Fun things to do with little kids

Even the littlest family members can go wild in nature at the places we look after in the South East. From tracks to toddle along and buggy friendly paths to fun trails, kite flying and woodlands made for little explorers, toddlers or preschoolers. Pack a picnic and head off on an adventure perfect for running off energy and soothing little souls for a good night’s sleep.

Find an adventure near you

Family jumping waves together at Compton Bay, Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight

The breeze whips up your hair,you're gasping as the cold edge of the surf tickles your toes, the sun warms back of your neck. Here it it comes... ready and... jump.... Bring the kids to jump over waves on the beach at St Helens Duver this summer, or try a sandcastle competition. There's all this and more for you to enjoy with the family on the Isle of Wight