Top 50 things activities for discoverers

Having fun in the outdoors is perfect for discoverers. Read some of our favourite activities for guaranteed outdoor fun.

Cycling at Wicken Fen National Nature Reserve, Cambridgeshire

No.11 go on a really long bike ride

Just make your normal bike ride a little longer, or choose somewhere nice for a really long ride. You could take your friends with you, or your family and soon you'll have ticked off another challenge from your list.

Children with sticks play in puddles at Charlecote Park

No.12 make a trail with sticks

Pick up sticks or fallen leaves and lay a trail for your family to follow. Please don’t pick sticks from living plants or trees though.

Girl walking through the mud in her wellies

No.13 make a mud pie

Put on your wellies and find a muddy spot. Stones, leaves and twigs are great for decorating, but remember, a mud pie never tastes as good as it looks.

Boys and dad damming a stream with rocks

No.14 dam a stream

Get some tips from a beaver and use twigs, branches and rocks to dam a stream. You can also try all sorts of designs, but you'll need to work quickly to stop your dam getting washed away. And when you've built it, local wildlife will be happier if you remember to knock it down afterwards.

Children making snow angels

No.15 play in the snow

If you're wrapped up warm and in waterproof clothes, there's nothing better than playing in the white stuff from making snow angels to snow men, snowball fights and sledging. Snow makes everything seem magical.

50 things girl making daisy chain

No.16 make a daisy chain

Find some sweet smelling daisies and start making a chain, it's as simple as that! Top tip: daisies with long thick chains are easier to make holes in and make a stronger chain.

A close up of a snail race at Ickworth

No.17 set up a snail race

You'll have to find some snails for this, then just mark out a short track in chalk - don't make it too long though, snails move super slowly. Your racing snails will be happier if the track is somewhere shady, as they don't like being out in the sun! It's best to pop them back where you found them after their race, and wash your own hands too.

A mud art butterfly at Lanlay, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales

No.18 create some wild art

Woods have pretty much everything you could need to create your very own piece of wild art. You could use leaves, sticks, acorns, mud, grasses, conkers, feathers or anything else you find to make some art.

50 Things, Pooh Sticks

No.19 play pooh sticks

Pick a stick that you're going to recognise and then get your friends to choose sticks for themselves. You'll need to make sure that you can recognise your own stick so you can tell who is the winner. Throw the sticks off one side of the bridge and cross to the other to see which stick comes out first.

Girl jumping over waves

No.20 jump over waves

Beaches serve up a never-ending supply of waves: big or small, all of them are fun to jump over. Who can leap the highest?