Top 50 things activities for rangers

If you're enjoying the outdoors, then our ranger style activities will keep you out there having fun. There's lots to choose from including visiting a farm, making a grass trumpet and going stargazing, and there are plenty more to enjoy.

Two girls picking blackberries from a bush

No.21 pick blackberries growing in the wild

September is the best time to look for blackberries in hedgerows, and when you find them it's a good idea to wash them before eating them. Look out for the spiky thorns as you try and pick them too.

Two young boys looking up, stood inside a tree

No. 1 get to know a tree

Trees with huge trunks sometime have huge holes, making them great for exploring. We even have hollow trees at a few of our places, perfect for adventurers. Watch out for insects and wildlife though - lots of things like to live in the holes of trees, so you might end up sharing.

Girl looking through gate with parents towards a cow

No.23 visit a farm

A farm is one of the best places to make new animal friends and see them up close. You can usually find out more about the animals, learn about what they like to eat and drink and find out how to look after them. On some farms you might be able to stroke them too. It's usually best to wear your wellies, listen to any instructions from the farmer and wash your hands afterwards.

A boy climing trees barefoot at Saltram

No. 24 go barefoot

Going barefoot gives your feet all sorts of sensations as you feel the different types of ground, from sand to earth and grass or moss. Close your eyes and see if you can work out what you're standing on - but don't keep them closed if you're walking.

Man and two children playing a grass trumpet

No. 25 join nature's band

A blade of grass makes an amazing noise when you know what to do with it. A couple of stones and a tree stump can double as a wild drum. You could even start your own band with your friends.

fossil held by child

No. 26 hunt for fossils and bones

Will you find a dinosaur bone? You might if you look carefully enough, but if you don't there's still lots of other treasures to be uncovered, but make sure you know The Fossil Code.

Family sitting in garden gazing up at the sky

No. 27 go stargazing

On a clear night you can make a wish on a shooting star, or spot a planet from your garden. The night sky is full of spectacular sights whatever time of year it is. You'll need warm clothes and some patience though.

Children finishing their climb to the top of a huge hill

No.28 climb a huge hill

Pop your trainers or boots on and head up your nearest huge hill for jaw-dropping views and the feeling that you can touch the sky.

Mysterious cave opening at Alderley Edge

No. 29 explore a cave

Watery wildlife, slimy green weeds, or things that make noises in the dark - who knows what you’ll discover? Caves are perfect places to explore whatever the weather, whether you're looking for caves in sea cliffs, or impressive natural caves inland. Don't forget your torch!

Girl with a frog in her hand

No.30 hold a scary beast

Are you brave enough to hold a scary (mini) beast? Perhaps a spider, worm, woodlice or a beetle? If you are, then you'll have ticked off another challenge off your list. Remember that you're a giant compared to the creature, so be gentle, and put it back in its home once you've held it!