Top summer walks

Meander through meadows and moorland, parkland and gardens, by lakes and on the coast. You can enjoy the colourful blooms of summer and see birds and butterflies on the wind. There's nothing quite like taking a stroll surrounded by nature in the summer time, where you can pause under the cool shade of a tree and take in the sunny view before you.

Please note that some trails maybe have changed due to social distancing guidance in order to maintain visitor safety. Please check the property webpage for the walk you'd like to explore before travelling.

Latest visiting update 

Our gardens, parks, cafés, shops, countryside locations and many houses are open. You no longer need to pre-book at many places. Some still require booking ahead, so please check the property webpage before you travel.​

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Long summer evenings are the best time to get outdoors and take a walk when everything's bathed in the beautiful golden hour glow of the sunset. At this quieter time of day you can take a peaceful stroll in your favourite place.

Horses on the North Devon coast at sunset

The joys of an evening stroll 

An evening amble can do wonders for your mood. Why not try exploring your favourite countryside or coastal spot in a whole new, dusky, light?

Summer wildlife to spot on your next walk

The importance of pollinators

There are hundreds of bees and butterflies across the country busying away to help our ecosystem to thrive. Bees and butterflies are some of our most important pollinators, and they’re vital in keeping up the health of our ecosystem and covering our landscapes in colour.

National Trust brings pollinator message to Balmoral Show

Help bees and butterflies to thrive 

Help us to give pollinators the biggest chance possible to thrive when you make this promise for nature. Why not try planting pollinator-friendly flowers? You could build a bee B&B or take part in the Big Butterfly Count.