Walk amongst wildlife

Many of the places that we care for make great habitats for all sorts of wildlife. Summer walks over chalk downlands are perfect for keen butterfly-spotters, but you can also look out for wildflowers and fauna such as peregrine falcons.

In June the banks are carpeted in common spotted orchids
Walking trail

Newtimber Hill, West Sussex Downs 

A refreshing walk around one of the best downs for butterflies and flowers, with Adonis and chalkhill blues, dark-green fritillary and silver-spotted skipper.

An inquisitive Galloway cow rests from eating the grass at Compton
Walking trail

Compton Down, Isle of Wight 

Walk the chalk ridge running through the middle of the Isle of Wight on this butterfly walk and spot Adonis blue, small blue, dark-green fritillary and Glanville fritillary.

 Adonis Blue butterfly on Calstone Down
Walking trail

Calston Down, Wiltshire 

You’re also likely to find butterflies on this walk at Calston Down between May and September, but don’t forget to look out for the orchids and juniper bushes which grow there too.

Young goats play rutting at Cheddar, Somerset
Walking trail

Cheddar Gorge, Somerset 

Keep a watchful eye out during this walks in Somerset’s Mendip Hills, where the steep cliffs attract peregrine falcons and the rocky outcrops make a good home for the Cheddar pink flower.