Walks with views and peaks in the Midlands

The wide open sky above and the world before you – the view from the top is always worth it.

Looking across the reservoir to the tower at the centre
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Carding Mill Valley reservoir walk 

The reservoir bank is the place to drink in the tawny colours of Bodbury Hill before taking in a view of the reservoir.

View from Edgehill over the Malvern Hills
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Ley line walk from Upton House 

Old ley lines will take you towards the site of the first major battle of the Civil War in 1642. The tranquillity at this spot as you gaze at the Malvern Hills is a chance for reflection.

View across the Shropshire hills from the top of LongMynd
Walking trail

A walk to the top of the Long Mynd 

Listen to your footsteps bouncing off the banks of the green valley, before reaching a 5,000-year-old ancient ridgeway.

 Spring flowers and a county view
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What a view walk, Upton House 

Begin in the golden fields before reaching the ridge of Edge Hill, 700 feet from sea level. Your reward is looking out at the green rolling hills of North Warwickshire.

Lightspout waterfall
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A walk to the waterfall at Carding Mill Valley 

There’s something soothing about this waterfall drumming away while the green hills of Caer Caradoc lie before you.