Wildlife and nature walks in the Midlands

There's nothing better than heading into the great outdoors, except perhaps knowing the best places to see something special. These walks are a chance to see Mother Nature at her finest.

Baby deer in spring at Calke Abbey in Derbyshire
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Calke Park wildlife walk 

Explore Calke’s wetland area and discover a preserved 18th-century deer shelter on this pleasant amble through an ancient parkland landscape.

gardens, Dudmaston
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Dudmaston three pools walk 

Find secluded pools nestled in green glades, their surfaces broken by darting dragonflies.

Aerial view of the remains of Bratoft Manor
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Gunby Hall to Bratoft Manor walk 

Cross the former East Lincolnshire Line and discover the site where a grand moated home once stood, now reclaimed by nature.

River Witham running through the parkland at Belton House, Lincolnshire
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Belton House, Lincolnshire 

This short, moderate walk along the wildlife-rich River Wetland includes mature woodland, a historic pond and the site of a deserted medieval village.

A tree in the parkland at Calke Abbey, Derbyshire
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Ancient trees walk at Calke Abbey 

See trees that have survived since the last Ice Age, before pausing to admire The Old Man of Calke. He’s wrinkly but at 1,200 years old, he’s a beauty.

Autumn leaves at Dudmaston in Shropshire
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Captain Geoffrey’s estate walk, Dudmaston 

A route that winds along the riverside and into the woods, sprinkled with wildflowers in sunny days, smoldering red towards summer’s end.

The outside of Monksthorpe Chapel on the Gunby Estate
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Monksthorpe Chapel walk 

Venture from the gardens at Gunby Hall into the glorious Lincolnshire countryside and you’ll discover history and nature alike.

The Attingham deer, descended from the original herd brought to Attingham in the late 1700s
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Wildlife walk at Attingham Park 

Attingham Park is home to a wide range of wildlife, don't miss the Deer Park, the Walled Garden and miles of beautiful walks.