Winter walks might be cold and wet, but now's the time to get outdoors to embrace the weather to beat it at it's own game! So grab your wellies and off you go!

Watching the sunrise on a winters morning

Devon winter walks, without wellies

Bracing winter walks on a cold morning are a wonderful way to start the day. Whether along the coastline or through the valleys, woodlands and fields, Devon has some truly beautiful winter walks. We've picked our favourite short walks that follow easy access paths, tarmac or gravel. Perfect whatever the weather, welly boots are optional.

Children walking along a muddy path

Winter walks in the Midlands 

Explore the outdoors with some great winter walks across the region, from breathtaking views in the Peak District to leisurely parkland strolls through historic estates.

Summer the hills above Heddon's Mouth near Lynton, North Devon

Winter walks around Exmoor 

Here's a selection of the almost limitless number of walks you can go on around the Exmoor area to explore moorland, woodland, rivers and coastline.