Little Clarendon

Black and white image of Little Clarendon

Little Clarendon was built in the late 15th century but it's early years remain a mystery.

Little Clarendon was built in the late 15th century for a family of some local distinction, but its origins and early history remain mysterious.
It was sold to Reverend George Engleheart and his wife in 1901 with several acres of land and two cottages. They restored Little Clarendon, reopening fire places, exposing the beamed ceilings and making repairs. The house is furnished as it was in their day.
Engleheart set up greenhouses and long numbered beds with broad grass walks between them for his daffodils of which he bred many important new varieties.
In 1921 Maude Isabel Engleheart, wife of George Engleheart, converted and furnished a bakehouse as a Roman Catholic chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Pity. In recent times this was served from Tisbury and mass was celebrated every Sunday. The chapel and vestments are still kept in occasional use.
The chapel is open to the public on just three or four days a year, check the opening times for details.