Compass Cove

Take the steps down to Compass Cove and discover the ruins of an old cable house

The coast path loops around Compass Valley, then descends seawards, bearing right at the bottom and over a stile; a detour, right, takes you down to the cove.

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Take the steps down to Compass Cove which was once the home of an old cable house. This was part of an early communication system that used electric signals transmitted over wires to send messages. It was from here on 2 November 1870 that one of the earliest undersea telegraph cables to Guernsey was laid. Although soon after it was decided to move this end into the harbour at Dartmouth.

The cable was 108km long and was in use until the 1950s, except during the German occupation of the Channel Islands in World War 2 when it was severed. In 2006 Jersey Telecom announced plans to lay a new submarine fibre-optic cable, costing £7 million, between Dartmouth and L’Ancresse to improve broadband communications to the Islands.

There are no longer any remains of the cable house, but it's still a wonderful cove to visit, secluded and sandy.