Exploring Bramshott Chase

Ludshott Commons in spring

Although a much smaller area, Bramshott Chase is similar to Ludshott Common. It is 16 hectares in size and is a mixture of Heathland, and secondary woodland.

Bramshott Chase is a small area of heathland and woodland. It forms part of Bramshott Common which is a much larger area of heathland and scrub owned and managed by the Ministry of Defence.

Common rights still apply to Bramshott Chase and there is periodic grazing by cattle owned by one of the commoners. This continues a long tradition and helps to maintain the site in favourable condition for a number of heathland species. The grazing also helps to reduce the need for mechanical management.

Although much smaller, Bramshott Chase is similar to Ludshott Common which lies half a mile to the north west. In combination with the neighbouring Ministry of Defence land, Bramshott Chase contributes an additional area of heathland habitat which supports rare and specialist bird species. Species include the dartford warbler, wood lark and nightjar. Various reptiles are also known to be active on the heathland including the sand lizard and smooth snake.