Group tours at the Tithe Barn

Group talk

We offer guided visits of the barn tailored to your group interests.

Whether it be the use, construction or local history, we can provide an approx. forty five minute guided tour which brings the barn back to life.

Group tours at Middle Littleton Tithe Barn
Group tour
Group tours at Middle Littleton Tithe Barn

Guided tours of the barn, bringing to life its usage over the years, are available from £75. 

For help with planning your visit or to discuss your requirements further, please contact Hasnah Sheriff on 01905 370901 or email Hasnah Sheriff

Hasnah Sheriff - Group Booking Coordinator
Croome Group Booking Hasnah
Hasnah Sheriff - Group Booking Coordinator

The nearby Fleece Inn at Bretforton (a National Trust Pub) will offer a voucher to Middle Littleton Tithe Barn pre-booked groups to enjoy a main meal (from their Fleecey Favourites) and a drink for just £10, don't forget to ask about this when you book.

Visit the Fleece Inn website

" “Recently my wife and I, with others, visited this remarkable building for the first time. It is striking from the outside but once we were inside, its vast, Cathedral-like space was stunning. Then our guide, Kirsty told us its history and that made the whole experience fascinating. Best of all, several of us were inspired to go away and research tithe barns – always an enriching outcome!""
- Tim Hickson