Restoring Nether Alderley Mill

Nether Alderley Mill

Between 2008 and 2012 vital work was carried out on the sadly sagging roof of Nether Alderley Mill to make sure that it was preserved for another few hundred years and ensure it was safe to welcome visitors.

Expert help

When restoring the roof we used specialist trades people with skills appropriate to the age of the building; stonemasons, millwrights, carpenters and joiners.

Behind a giant tent of plastic sheets and scaffold poles we carefully removed the entire roof. We wanted to reuse as many of the original slates as possible so they were carefully numbered as each one was removed.

Next, every single roof beam was painstakingly assessed to work out where repairs were needed and, if necessary, replacements were to be put in.

Finally each roof tile, fitted with a new hand-carved oak peg was returned to its original location, like a giant three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle.

Spinning wheels

The Mill really comes to life when the waterwheels are turning and the millstones are grinding.

While the roof was off we restored all the internal machinery; a team of millwrights replaced the buckets, axles and spokes on the waterwheels, the teeth on the gear wheels and refurbished the millstones and the mechanism around it so that we can once again mill grain.