Selling flour for the first time since 1939

Jars of grain on a windowsill

This year Nether Alderley Mill is back in business and selling the flour that it produces once more. For the first time in 80 years, visitors can now buy a bag of stoneground wholemeal flour, made right here in the mill by the heritage machinery.

In 2019, we're celebrating Nether Alderley Mill's first flour sales since 1939. This comes following the mills full restoration between 2008 – 2012, which saw the distinctive sloping roof of the mill fully restored, along with all the internal machinery.

Now you can discover the whole process of flour making from waterwheel to wholemeal, and buy a bag of the finished product to take home for your own cakes and bakes. And remember, evey penny you spend goes straight back into the continuing conservation works at Nether Alderley Mill - thank you!

" It’s fantastic to see the mill come to life again, producing and selling stoneground flour just like it has done for generations before. It’s a very special place and getting the mill back in business certainly wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work from the team at the mill and members of the public who support us each time they pay us a visit."
- Jennifer Brooke

Between 2008 and 2012, a specialist team of millwrights (craftsmen who build and restore traditional mills) set to work replacing the buckets, axles and spokes on the waterwheels, and the teeth on the gear wheels. The millstones and the mechanism around them were also refurbished enabling Nether Alderley Mill to once again mill grain. Each roof tile was also removed and fitted with a new hand-carved oak peg, before being returned to its original location, like a giant three dimensional jigsaw puzzle. Now, in 2019, Nether Alderley Mill is successfully registered to sell the flour that it produces once more  – the final piece of the puzzle.

Grab a bag of Nether Alderley Mill flour, and get baking!
Baker making bread
Grab a bag of Nether Alderley Mill flour, and get baking!