The village of Nether Alderley

The exterior of Nether Alderely Mill

Nether Alderley is first mentioned in 1086 in the Doomsday Book as Aldredelie, a name that suggests it began life as Aldred’s Clearing.

By the 1500s Nether Alderley was a thriving farming community of around 300 people, with the inn, church and mill at its heart.

Lord of the Manor

Most people farmed small pieces of land which they rented from the Lord of the Manor, employing other villagers as labourers. 

Supporting them were a number of skilled tradesmen; blacksmith, carpenter, shoemaker and most importantly the miller. By the late 1700s life and the village had not changed greatly although farms now tended to be larger and more prosperous. 

Some villagers worked as miners at nearby Alderley Edge and there were an increasing number of professional people including a solicitor, a surveyor and a bailiff.

The Stanley family

The Stanley family were Lords of the Manor in Nether Alderley for over 300 years, from 1602 until 1938, and held land here even earlier. 

The village inn, the ‘Eagle and Child’, takes it name from their coat of arms. In the 1580s Sir Thomas Stanley built his home on an island in the mill pond, but in 1779 it was destroyed by fire and the family moved away. 

One wing remained standing and is known today as the Old Hall, which you can glimpse through the trees across the mill pond.