Foxbury is a 150 hectare area of conservation on the edge of East Wellow and adjacent to our Bramshaw Commons. Acquired in 2005 through Grantscape funding, the site which was once a commercial conifer plantation is gradually being returned to the heathland habitat it once was.

Foxbury in the summer, New Forest, Hampshire

Our heathland restoration project 

We are restoring the 350 acre site back to lowland heathland and native broad-leafed woodland habitats. The site is also part of a Heritage Lottery Fund project called ‘Our Past, Our Future’, which will fund the tree planting and help build new infrastructure within Foxbury to facilitate educational and recreational activities.

Two children hunting for bugs at Foxbury, Hampshire

Education and learning 

Foxbury is a fascinating landscape of heathland, woodland, wetland, ponds and scrub, benefitting a myriad of specialised wildlife. It's a great location for learning and field study for all ages, and a great place to complete some 50 things to do before you're 11¾.

Horse and rider on horizon in the forest

Recreation at Foxbury 

With miles of wide, all-weather gravel tracks within the site, Foxbury is a safe environment to explore and enjoy with the family. It’s perfect for walking, running, fitness, cycling, horse riding and just about anything you can think of. A great way to experience the outdoors.