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Birdwatcher with binoculars
Sheep on Cheddar Gorge

Counting sheep and goats in the gorge  

It’s been a busy year for the feral goats and feral soay sheep that live at Cheddar Gorge in Somerset. The annual count, carried out by rangers, volunteers and students, tallied over 100 sheep and 60 goats, marking a small rise in the populations of both animals.

Barn owls shown at their nesting site at Lindisfarne Castle

Owls are kings of the castle 

A family of barn owls resting in a latrine was not what we expected to find during a major restoration project at Northumberland's Lindisfarne Castle.

Giant's Causeway stones

Membership reaches five million 

We are celebrating a huge milestone - reaching five million members.

A red squirrel sits on a branch gnawing at a hazelnut

Reviving the red squirrel population  

Threatened red squirrel numbers are thriving against the odds on one of Britain’s largest estates, after painstaking work by one of our dedicated rangers.

A  view of the White Cliffs of Dover

Dame Vera Lynn backs £1m appeal to secure future of White Cliffs  

Dame Vera Lynn pledges her support as we launch a £1 million appeal to further protect the future of the White Cliffs of Dover.

View over East Anglian countryside

Long leases and modern ground rent  

The Trust grants many leases of houses to tenants up and down the country. We have around 300 leaseholders who may be affected by modern ground rent, and are in discussions with those who have approached us in order to agree a solution.

Rainbow lanyard and badge

Heard about Felbrigg's lanyards and badges?

You may have read recent coverage about our Pride and Prejudice badges and lanyards. Find out what they're all about and how our volunteers have the option to wear them.

Pentire Farm

Greatest opportunity in a generation for our countryside to thrive 

Our countryside has its greatest opportunity in a generation to thrive if the Government delivers on its promises to reward nature-friendly farming, says Helen Ghosh.

Skim a stone

Grandparents revealed to be the most adventurous of us all  

Grandparents were much more adventurous during their youth in the great outdoors than today's youngsters - half of whom have never even climbed a tree, a survey shows.

The Director-General of the National Trust, Dame Helen Ghosh

Helen Ghosh to step down as Director General 

Dame Helen has announced she will be leaving us in March next year. She has been our Director-General since 2012 and takes up a new position as the Master of Balliol College at Oxford University in April 2018.