Local National Trust places star in The Woman in White

Filiming locations for The Woman in White included Murlough Nature Reserve
Published : 22 Apr 2018 Last update : 16 Jul 2019

This bold new adaptation of Wilkie Collins’ psychological thriller, The Woman in White was filmed in Northern Ireland, with a number of our places providing the perfect atmospheric setting for this chilling period drama.

Florence Court in Fermanagh, Castle Ward on the shores on Strangford Lough and Murlough National Nature Reserve all feature prominently in the production which was filmed here last year.

Speaking about the choice of filming locations producer Sara Curtis said: ‘Northern Ireland proved to be the perfect place to film an ambitious period drama such as The Woman In White.

‘We had a wide choice of grand houses, many of which, crucially, have been in the same family for many years and so have not been over-restored. The countryside outside Belfast is beautiful, unmarred by development or electricity poles, and its landscapes range from parklands and ancient forests to wide open beaches - everything that we needed to give the story the sweep and epic quality of the original novel.’

The Woman in White was filmed at a number of Northern Ireland locations
The Woman in White was filmed at a number of Northern Ireland locations
The Woman in White was filmed at a number of Northern Ireland locations

How filming helps our places

As a conservation charity, we use all monies raised from filming at our places to fund vital and ongoing conservation work. Some of Northern Ireland’s most iconic and treasured landmarks and buildings are in our care including Mount Stewart, Castle Ward, the Giant’s Causeway and Mussenden Temple. We also look after 22% of Northern Ireland’s coastline and important nature reserves including Portstewart Strand, Crom in Fermanagh and Murlough National Nature Reserve.

This diverse portfolio, spanning natural landscapes and built heritage means our places often feature in major TV dramas and films, with Game of Thrones, Dracula Untold and Frankenstein Chronicles filming here in the past. The Woman in White is the latest production to be filmed at National Trust locations, following the use of Kearney Village in County Down as the fictional village of Moybeg in My Mother and Other Strangers in 2016.

Tune in to watch The Woman in White

Viewed by many as the first psychological thriller novel, The Woman In White will take viewers on a chilling ride down the shadowy paths and corridors of English country houses and ultimately into the depths of the Victorian madhouse.

This haunting tale of insanity and identity stars Ben Hardy (X-Men, EastEnders) as Walter Hartright and Jessie Buckley (War And Peace, Taboo) as Marian Halcombe.


A five part series, The Woman In White begins on BBC One at 9pm on Sunday 22 April 2018.