Meet our new supplier of free range eggs

Charles and Catherine Spencer supply 1.5 million free range eggs to us each year
Published : 21 Mar 2016

One of our tenant farmers will now be supplying 1.5 million eggs per year to our cafes, restaurants and tea rooms across England.

Charles Spencer, farmer at Stourhead in Wiltshire has been chosen as the new supplier of free range eggs following a review of our suppliers over the last two years.

Our head of food and beverage, Matt Drew, said: 'We have 1,500 tenant farmers and producers managing our farmland. This gives us a unique opportunity to source ingredients that have been carefully reared or grown on our land.  

'Ultimately, this will help us to communicate the importance of sustainable food production to our visitors through the food we produce and serve each day.

'Quality and reliable supply are also very important to our sizeable food operations, which is why we’ve chosen to work with Charles Spencer.  Our aim is that all the eggs we use in our kitchens in England are supplied by Charles or by our own property teams.'

Long term tenants

Charles Spencer’s family have been tenants of ours since 1972.  Today they run Search Farm in Stourton and St Martin’s Farm in Zeals, Wiltshire.

Charles said: 'This is fantastic news for us.  The National Trust will be taking over one sixth of our annual egg supply from the 37,000 Bovine Brown hybrid hens that we look after on our 2,000 acre farm.'

The hens share grazing with Charles's dairy herd and are fed on home-grown wheat and beans, processed through the farm's own feed mill.

Charles Spencer also meets RSPCA Assured standards for hen welfare and has the British Lion mark of quality for high standards in food safety.

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