Nature needs more investment

Farming for nature at Hill Top Farm, Yorkshire
Published : 14 Dec 2017 Last update : 17 Dec 2021

We’ve worked with RSPB and the Wildlife Trusts on a new report which details the funding required to meet the UK’s priorities for environmental land management, and how a new system should reward farmers for protecting the environment.

We have ambitious plans to restore a healthy, beautiful natural environment, and bring nature back to our special places. 

Today’s report is a joint effort with the RSPB and Wildlife Trusts to show what funding is needed to meet the UK’s current goals for managing land to benefit nature.  It shows that the current level of investment in the farmed environment needs to increase five-fold, even just to meet existing goals.

It also shows how future farming and food production in the UK can contribute to healthy, stable and productive soils, and support pollinating insects and clean water.  

Farmers will need support as they transition to a new system after Brexit.  Our organisations believe that public money for agriculture needs to ensure that our country’s nature is protected for future generations to enjoy.

In practice, this means a farmer who restores hedgerows, woodland and ponds on their land, or provides services like carbon storage, or helps to prevent flooding, is rewarded. 

This will ensure that nature is protected, that farmers can continue to produce the high-quality food which we all need and enjoy, and that farming communities can continue to thrive.

" We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to help both wildlife and farming thrive – and we must seize it. We’re working with our farm tenants to look at how we can support them over the coming years to produce high quality food while continuing to act as expert custodians for our beautiful countryside. "
- Patrick Begg, Outdoor and Natural Resources Director, National Trust