New £10 junior membership to inspire next generation

Children building a snow man, Clent Hills, Worcestershire
Published : 23 Feb 2018 Last update : 28 Feb 2018

Today we’ve launched a new membership to encourage the next generation of nature and heritage lovers for less than £1 a month.

Young explorers aged 5-17 will be now able to visit over 500 amazing places for just £10 a year. From fossil hunting on sandy beaches to searching for secret passageways in historic houses, junior membership offers plenty of new possibilities for exciting days out.

Supporting grandparents

Our new membership will support the nation’s army of grandparents and relatives who regularly look after youngsters. According to a recent survey we carried out with YouGov, 73 per cent of parents most rely on grandparents to help out with childcare. 

Sue is a life member and single grandparent living in Dorset. She regularly visits our places with her two grandchildren, Kaden and Evie.

'The National Trust is really proactive at getting children involved. In December we visited Father Christmas at Kingston Lacy and took part in arts and crafts activities. And on Sundays in the summer we sit on the lawn with a picnic and watch the jazz band playing. For me, that’s better than sitting in front of a television.'

Connecting children with nature

Getting kids interested in the natural world is significant to parents: 95 per cent of those we surveyed said it was important for their children to explore the outdoors. Sue agrees:

‘It’s so important to get children closer to nature, especially in this age of technology. I regularly take my grandchildren on walks or woodland trails and they absolutely love it. Last year we rode a boat to Brownsea Island and saw a murmuration of starlings at Studland Bay.’

From canoeing under chalky cliffs to picking fresh vegetables from a kitchen garden, junior membership offers endless ways to engage inquisitive youngsters with the natural world.

" If you encourage a love of nature from an early age, it stays with them, like it did with me."
- Sue, grandparent

Value for money

Juniors currently on our Young Person pass, aged 5-17, will now pay 70 per cent less for membership. They’ll be able to visit with any responsible adult and they'll receive a welcome pack and guide, membership card and voting rights for the charity’s Annual General Meeting. Sue told us:

‘Without a doubt National Trust membership offers good value for money. My membership was an investment from my parents fifteen years ago and by using it as much as possible I feel like I’m fulfilling what they wanted. As soon as my youngest grandchild turns six, I will really benefit from the new junior membership. £10 a year is brilliant isn’t it?’

18-25 year olds will continue to benefit from the 50 per cent concession on adult prices.