Rent a farm by the sea for just a pound a year

Published : 18 May 2016 Last update : 25 May 2016

The keys to a £1m farm and the future of a precious landscape could be in your hands for just a pound a year. But you’d need to farm it in a way that encourages it to recover and thrive.

Last year we bought Parc Farm so we could help protect the landscape of the Great Orme in Llandudno, North Wales.

This popular limestone headland is home to species that exist nowhere else on earth and their future requires a new way of farming.

We are now offering to lease the farm for just a pound to ensure it can recover and wildlife can flourish. But we need to find the right person.

Farming and conservation

‘Unless we follow a very specific grazing regime we will not see these most fragile habitats recover,’ said William Greenwood, the Great Orme general manager.

‘We’re looking for a tenant who sees a productive farm as one which produces conservation benefit as well as good healthy food .

‘To give him, or her, a head-start, and the best chance of success, we’re taking away the financial pressure of having to cover the rent for the farm, grazing rights and farmhouse each year.’

The new tenant will also get a free flock of sheep, courtesy of the conservation charity Plantlife.

We are committed to nursing the natural environment back to health and reversing the alarming decline in wildlife across the UK.

A sustainable approach

This is an example of how we want to develop new ways of managing land on a large scale, which are good for farmers, the economy and deliver for nature.

In 2012 we launched the Llyndy Isaf Scholarship to give members of Wales Young Farmers Clubs the chance to run a farm in the shadow of Snowdon for a year, and learn about farming for nature and visitor access, as well as good food production.

But there is much more work to do. Help us do more for nature and make sure our special places and preserved for everyone, for ever. Find out more about applying.