Second chalk figure discovered near Uffington White Horse

Published : 01 Mar 2017 Last update : 31 Mar 2017

The Uffington White Horse is one of England’s largest and best-known chalk figures. Experts believe the horse to be around 3,000 years old, but a recent geophysical survey has revealed that it is not the only ancient work of art in the area.

The survey showed the remains of a second stylised figure on a nearby hillside, which has been christened the Uffington White Duck. Standing at around 360 feet tall, we think that this figure may be the ancient symbol of a local tribe who venerated wild mallards.

" Our plan will be to restore this great animal, so eventually you’ll be able to see the incredible Duck outline, just as you can with the Uffington Horse. Visitors will be able to see the two animals side by side. "
- Jo Oak, Ranger

Although this is just speculation at the moment, some experts believe they could even have competed with a horse tribe down the road. If true, these tribal politics may explain why the horse was maintained over the years, while the duck fell into decay.

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Geophysical surveys uncovered the outline of the Uffington White Duck
Geophysical surveys taking place at White Horse Hill

Following the discovery of the Uffington White Duck, we’ve made it our mission to bring this great animal back to its former glory. We’re assessing the site in Oxfordshire on 1 April, but we’ll only be able to restore it with the support of our members, visitors and volunteers.

Twice a year we hold events for people to come and lend a hand with the 3000 year-old tradition of chalking the horse, and this year we’ll need even more helping hands to chalk the second figure as well. With your help we can continue to care for special discoveries such as this, for future generations to enjoy.

Help restore the Uffington Duck to its former glory at one of our chalking events
Children volunteering by scouring the chalk horse at White Horse Hill, Uffington, Oxfordshire

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