Securing an England Coast Path by 2020

Published : 09 Oct 2015 Last update : 20 Nov 2015

As an island nation we’re shaped by our coast and drawn to the sea. So we welcomed the Government's commitment in 2014 that a coast path around England’s shores will be completed - ten years early - by 2020.

As the Government reviews its spending plans for the next three years, we’re working with the Ramblers to ensure delivering the England Coast Path by 2020 remains a priority. You can have your say by supporting the Ramblers’ One Coast For All campaign.

The journey to coastal access

The Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 set out the framework for access to our coastline. Now, a fast-forwarding of the deadline for the England Coast Path means the dream of a complete path around the UK can become a reality.

Many of us spend time daydreaming about being by the coast and millions of us visit it every year. In fact sixty per cent of us see a visit to the coast, whether for a bracing walk along the cliffs, a breath of sea air or a memorable family holiday, as essential to our quality of life.

Opening up the countryside has long been at the heart of our work as a conservation charity and was a vision held dear by our founders. The journey to fully opening up the English coastline has been a long one and can be traced back to the mass trespass on Kinder Scout in 1932 and the creation of the first National Park in 1951.

The promise of an England Coast Path

The opportunity to roam in the countryside is something we value and many of the coastal places we look after have played their part in the story of the England Coast Path. Among them are the chalky White Cliffs of Dover, the ever changing coastline of Formby and the estuary rich shorelines of south Cornwall and south Devon.

There’s still lots to do to get the route of the coast path right with the challenges of a rapidly changing coastline to face.

We’re committed to working with Natural England, local authorities and partner organisations including the Ramblers to create a coast path that we can be proud of as a nation and want to tell the world about.

This article was first published on 8 October 2015.

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