Paycocke's House and Garden

A stunning Tudor merchant's house whose walls have more than a few stories to tell

Paycocke's House and Garden

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Paycocke’s House sits in the beautiful town of Coggeshall, just a 5 minute drive away from both the A12 and the A120. So whether you have all day, or just 30 minutes to spare- our suggestions for the perfect time at Paycocke’s have got you covered!

Paycocke's House and Garden

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Heritage Open Day 2019

Sat 21 Sep 2019
Free admission for the day to Paycocke's House and Garden on Saturday 21st September, as part of Heritage Open Days.

Campaign for Wool- Spinning and Weaving Demonstrations

Sat 12 Oct 2019
Discover and learn about the traditional crafts that built Paycocke's House. Join the Guild as they demonstrate how to spin fleece into threads throughout the house and garden as part of the 'Campaign for Wool' week.

Yuletide Festivities at Paycocke's House

Sat 23 Nov 2019
As we await Christmas, Paycocke's House are hosting some yuletide festivities with The Companye of Merrie Folke. So come see how Thomas Paycocke would have prepared for his festive period, and as always- get involved!
Paycocke's House and Garden

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Paycocke's House and Garden


Paycocke's- The Families

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Paycocke's House and Garden

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Paycocke's House and Garden

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Paycockes House Winter Clean in Essex

Volunteering at the Coggeshall Properties: Paycocke's House and Grange Barn 

Looking for your next challenge? Why not volunteer with us at Paycocke’s House and Grange Barn?

Paycocke's House and Garden

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Explore the objects and works of art we care for at Paycocke's House and Garden on the National Trust Collections website